Day 7 to Day 1

November 27, 2009 by
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Did you know Pumpkin Pie has milk in it?  pie

I should have asked BEFORE I took the couple bites.  I passed up the butter on the bread, the butter on my baked yams, no milk or butter in the gravy, no whipped cream on the pie.  All of that — to have ruined my No Dairy Challenge eating a very small slice of pie, that I don’t necessarily like that much, is a bit frustrating.  But… my rules are my rules! 

I was 7 days into my 30 day challenge and was doing fine with it.  The toughest point in time for me was when I was making a bean and cheese burrito for my daughter.  I had her come in and help so that I would not pick at the cheese (and cheat!).  I then fixed myself a burrito — with NO cheese and… SURPRISE it was good.  The other difficulty I experienced was with chili.  I have always put cheese in my chili and eating it without this was a bit difficult at first, however… I was able to do it without much pain. 

We bought Rice Milk, Almond Milk and Ice Cream made out of rice milk.  All of these tasted great and worked as substitutes in a couple of our meals (pancakes, waffles).   The ice cream surprised me.  It is good. 

After 7 days, I have not noticed feeling different, not better and not worse. 

Will check in again soon – hopefully with better success! 

Note to self:  Ask about ingredients BEFORE eating!!!

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