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Crush It – Gary Vaynerchuk

Ever since I saw one of Gary’s video’s and heard him on one of the Success Magazine CDs; I had wanted to read his book: Crush It

Although it doesn’t make my tip top favorites, I did enjoy it. I enjoyed it because I love reading about others who are living their passions and Gary is definitely doing that. Not only is he doing it, this is one of his rules.   I also admire those that are living authentically and he isn’t out to impress anyone and he walks his talk.   He is an early social media adopter and when he doesn’t talk about the three rules he is talking about how to use social media to your advantage. 

Gary starts out by talking about passion and how it is everything; he mentions his three rules and advises that everyone adopt them: 

  1. Love your family.
  2. Work super hard.
  3. Live your passion.

He explains that he measures success by how happy he is not how big his business is or how much money he has.  He said by following these three rules he is 100% happy. Loving your family and working super hard doesn’t take special skills or knowledge, these two rules are about just doing.  As you move into the third rule, this is where many people need the direction. 

Identify and Test Your Passion

This is about recognizing things that you love and because you love it you know tons about it.  Find this thing.  Find your passion.  Then test it.  Can you think of many topics to write or talk about?  Are you double sure that what you think is your passion is your passion?  [His book doesn’t clearly help here – but there are other ways to work through this!]  Lastly ensure that you know about your passion, that you are an expert on it. 


Find your brand.  Your name or some other nifty, catchy phrase.  He advises that even if you use a catchy phrase, brand yourself (your name) as well. After you have determined this then you need to ensure that you start assigning this to social media sites, domain names, blogs, etc. Anything that you can think of; make sure you sign on and grab your name.

Social Media

Start getting involved in social media.  Use Facebook Connect, Facebook and Twitter.  Use tools that allow you to post to these sites like or TubeMogul.

Start Communicating

Create your content. Write, blog, shoot video, make podcasts – whatever you feel you can do well, start doing it. Get a blog – he recommends WordPress or Tumblr.  The one place he recommends you spend some money is on the design of your website.  Everything else he talks about is very inexpensive and he says that the reason for spending money on the design of your website is due to ensuring that the first impression people get is a good one. 

Make Friends – Make Community

Search for and find like minded people, people talking about your passion.  Create a community – offer your expertise, share your knowledge and make friends with other that share your passion and those that are looking for answers.

I think that this was a good book and would like to have all the folks that are out there “spamming” others with posts about themselves and their businesses take some time and read how social media should really be done.

Have you read it? What did you think?

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