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As we move through life, there are times that we go through cold winters; times in our life that seem dark; tough, lonely.    During these times it is easy to be tough on ourselves, to beat ourselves up.  It is great to have some things to work on making life feel better.  I heard a recent message called “Spiritual Remedies When You’re Down on Yourself”  Who couldn’t use a list of spiritual remedies?

This is summarized from a message given by Dr Richard Teel and can be found here in its entirety.

When we get down on our self; understanding is the first step

Healing begins when we stop demanding things to be different for us to feel better

Healing happens when we stop the struggling against and start taking responsibility

Healing flourishes when we make a new choice and practice a fearlessness.

What are the things we can DO to start the healing cycle?

  1. Heal the core fear
  2. Open your healing heart
  3. Unleash daring and DANCE

elvisSo, DANCING is one thing that can start the healing cycle!  The subject of dancing has been coming up often in my life. I always feel like dancing, doing the happy dance, dancing while listening to great music – but this is also a metaphor with how I am feeling around my entire life and the joy filled feeling around many things and today’s discussion helped me see so many things in my life as my way of expressing joy and DANCING!!


  • Watching my daughter blossom into the young lady she is becoming
  • Spending time with positive minded friendsdance
  • Looking for ways to participate in life around me with things that are joy filled
  • Conversations around the DEEP subjects of our life
  • Reconnecting and clarifying perceptions and misconceptions from the past – leading to clarity
  • Following initial intuitive gut instincts
  • Being ok with unconventional
  • Having some fun and exciting goals


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