Thank you for taking time in your busy life to read about me.  As I tried to decide what to put in this section of my blog I went back and forth.  What do you all really want to know?  I can tell you my “stats” and perhaps some people will be interested in that, 2014-06-07 15.51.05however – I believe that knowing more about who I am – from the heart — would be more important.  Readers can get to know who I am and what I do in this life by reading the actual posts so I am going to take a little time to give you stats and then the rest of the time telling you about the real true blue ME.

So- real quick – the stats – I am a native Coloradoan (as is my father), I am 49 (and not worried about numbers), a mother, a leader/executive, a sister, a daughter and a friend.  My top value is spiritual and personal growth.  I love Denver, I love music, I love dancing, I love travel, I love wine and my favorite food is Mexcian.  Ok, that is the stats.

Now, for sharing some about who I am at the heart:  I am a spiritual being living in a world that I have created (sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously) and am very grateful for every thing around me.  More than anything in the world I am grateful for my daughter.  I watch my daughter in awe – constantly seeing wonder and new things in her every day. I see some of her father and I see some of me and then there are other things that are all HER.  As I watch her, experience life from a childs eye, she is teaching me (reminding me?!) about what life is really about and this is providing me motivation that I haven’t felt in my life prior to being in this “mom” role.   I am being reminded that what matters is that I enjoy every day of my life and I am being motivated to lead a life that shows my daughter that not only can this be done, but by living a purposeful life where I am living my passion we can be, do and have whatever our heart desires.

For me, this life is all about growth, becoming something stronger and always striving to be better.  I started this journey into myself when I was 23 – until that time, I feel that I was a zombie just moving and flowing through life, hitting a wall or obstacle and letting it boomerang me off into another direction. I did not know ME, what I liked, what I disliked or what I wanted from life.  I slowly crawled out of this state and started living a more purposeful life.  I often act in response to my intuitive feelings.  Moving through life this way has created a very interesting and challenging journey.

As for career and work, I have worked in the technical field (computers, telecommunications, networks) and have always found myself leading teams and managing people. When I went to college I started off working towards a major in Computer Science and a minor in Psychology.  I didn’t finish the minor but the plan shows a consistency of what my purpose is – who I am – at the heart.  I am someone who can problem solve and see things very logically but can also feel and intuit others.

Recently I have a magnifying glass on the relationships of my life – this path is one that I have started down in different ways at different times where in the past I have turned around and sprinted back to a comfortable place; my comfort zone.  I am now committing to making it to the light. It is coming from a different place; entirely different motivation and with a clear purpose.  The purpose in my life is to help others, grow myself and learn new things every day always with the definite purpose of showing my wonderful daughter that she can keep what she knows in her soul; live in this physical world with love and knowledge of things greater than the THINGS in our life.  With this we can be, do and have whatever we dream of.  And for you, the readers, I welcome you if you have found yourself here – it is never by mistake you know!

Thank you again for your time and I welcome all your comments and correspondence.

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