30 Day Challenge – No Alcohol – DONE!

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March 24th marked my 30th day of No Alcohol! It was completed successfully.

Out of all my challenges thus far this year, I thought this would be the hardest. This challenge was definitely challenging but I did find it easier than I had expected it to be.  As mentioned in a prior post, my drinking habits consist of a couple glasses of wine – 5 days a week on average.  In addition to my normal lifestyle there were several extra-curricular social activities over the month that I would have normally had a drink that would have helped me feel more comfortable. Being able to go through these events without this crutch was satisfying. It was satisfying to have made it through these without drinking and dealing directly with my typical feelings of inadequacy while in these types of social settings.  (Something that I continue to work on!)

As far as health, this challenge made very little impact here.  I didn’t have any weight loss however what I did notice was that I was able to sleep much better – deeper really.

Going forward I will be cutting back my intake for two reasons. One, I do believe it is healthier for me both for my physical health but also my mental health and two, as we work to pay off our debt this will definitely help us save some on outgoing expenditures (did I ever mention that we tend to like more expensive wines?)

These challenges have been great for me on different levels.  I have felt that exercising this “will” is good for me.  I do find that I am finding some other impulse activities being easier to slow down and make real decisions around.  So, on to my next challenges!

No Alcohol Challenge

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No Alcohol – My New 30 Day Challenge

On February 23rd I started Day One of my new challenge — No Alcohol. Out of all of my challenges I think this one may be more difficult than the others. I am not a big partier, full-bottle-wine-glass-1however – I definitely like having a glass of wine. So as of today I am on Day 8 and it hasn’t been too difficult. This last weekend was the first weekend. Friday was a bit hard but after that… it was all good. It is really special that my husband is so supportive of all these challenges as well. With all of them he has either cooked without the item or has gone without as well. Just one of the millions of reasons I love him so much! My history consists of having one or two glasses a wine five days a week on average. I also enjoy a margarita with my Mexican food.

So, the new challenge is on!