30 Days of No Dairy – I did it!

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I did it!!!

I did it!!!

Today is it – the 30th day of going without dairy.  It had a rocky start but the third time was the charm and I have now completed the 30 days of no dairy. 

I physically did not notice any real changes.  No major weight loss; I have noticed my face seems to have cleared up a bit, although it is tough to attribute this directly to not having dairy.

I have lots of things to report on how this affected me mentally.  As already mentioned in my earlier post I have come to a major realization that I disconnect from my self, I shut out my inner thoughts and guidance.  That is clearly what happened when I broke this previously.  That was a great realization for me and now is something that I can focus on improving.  I am adding to my morning routine mediation and yoga.  I was listening to The Secret and meditation was one idea for getting control of thoughts; meditation is something I do off an on, but am committing to doing it daily.  I think yoga is another form of mediation but also will help towards my desire of being more fit, flexible and healthy. 

One thing being strengthened through this is my self discipline.  I struggle with needing immediate gratification around spending money and also other things and these exercises are teaching me how I can forego something I want and I see how I live.  It has been interesting that it has not been hard; I haven’t craved any dairy – cheese or ice cream being the two things I would have thought I might have had difficulty with.  Even with my burritos I was able to fully enjoy them without it being smothered in cheese.  The hardest things I dealt with was making Christmas cookies and not eating the cookies (or the dough)!  This was extremely difficult as was not having any of an order of nachos my husband ordered.  He and my daughter munched away.  I don’t think I mentioned anywhere, but outside of this one thing, my husband 150% supported this effort – so much so that he cooked all our meals without butter or cream (he does most of the cooking at our house!).  He made things in alternative ways and with alternative ingredients and his meals were as awesome as usual.  I found substitutes for many things that I have ended up actually liking.  Rice milk and almond milk became the alternatives for milk that I used in my cereals and in pancakes and other things that called for milk.  I had Soy Ice Cream which sufficed for ice cream just fine. 

Someone asked me how I would move forward around dairy.   I am not movburritoing forward with plans to eliminate it!  However, I do see that I will replace milk with the Almond milk.  It tastes good and it is better for you.  I will eliminate dairy from being a major part of my daily intake; no more cheese sticks for lunch – and I will not smother my burritos with cheese anymore.  Outside of that, it will be eaten in moderation. 

On to my next 30 day challenge!

30 Day No Dairy Challenge Update

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You all are due an update. I wish I could be reporting a better result however I actually do report a successful by-product. At this point I should be on Day 14 of my No Dairy 30 Day Challenge. However, just as I did with the Thai Iced Tea and the Pumpkin Pie I had another failure on my 10th day – – I had a Latte. boohooYes, I DO know that a Latte has milk. So, was it because I was just dying to have milk? Nope, not that either. I am a bit embarrassed to admit what happened, however what I did was had it without THINKING. The reason why I say there is a successful by-product is because I have determined something through this challenge. It is something that I also had happen as I went through the Firewalk in Cancun. I find that I am not always HERE in the NOW with thoughts.

At this point in time I am not sure what I can do to improve this. I am hoping that the realization will be part of it and I am sure that the answer will come to me through some avenue if I keep my eyes, ears and heart open.

So – I am on Day 5. Darn it!

Day 7 to Day 1

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Did you know Pumpkin Pie has milk in it?  pie

I should have asked BEFORE I took the couple bites.  I passed up the butter on the bread, the butter on my baked yams, no milk or butter in the gravy, no whipped cream on the pie.  All of that — to have ruined my No Dairy Challenge eating a very small slice of pie, that I don’t necessarily like that much, is a bit frustrating.  But… my rules are my rules! 

I was 7 days into my 30 day challenge and was doing fine with it.  The toughest point in time for me was when I was making a bean and cheese burrito for my daughter.  I had her come in and help so that I would not pick at the cheese (and cheat!).  I then fixed myself a burrito — with NO cheese and… SURPRISE it was good.  The other difficulty I experienced was with chili.  I have always put cheese in my chili and eating it without this was a bit difficult at first, however… I was able to do it without much pain. 

We bought Rice Milk, Almond Milk and Ice Cream made out of rice milk.  All of these tasted great and worked as substitutes in a couple of our meals (pancakes, waffles).   The ice cream surprised me.  It is good. 

After 7 days, I have not noticed feeling different, not better and not worse. 

Will check in again soon – hopefully with better success! 

Note to self:  Ask about ingredients BEFORE eating!!!

First Challenge – Dairy Free

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DairyThis is my first 30 Day Challenge. I have decided to do these for a couple different reasons.

I am dedicated to my personal development and want to improve my life in areas of mental, physical, and spiritual health and I know that it takes 25-30 days to create new neural pathways in your brain. Our brains do not accept new things or allow us to change a habit unless it is repeated for 25-30 consecutive days in a row. (Miss one day and you need to start over at one) Jack Canfield refers to a study done by NASA where they gave the astronauts in training concave lenses. These lenses made people see upside down. After 25-30 days of continuous wear their brains would suddenly see right-side up. Their brains automatically swapped the image. However if one of them interrupted the experiment along the way the results were reversed. NASA had some take the glasses off for one day and then put them back on, these individuals had to wait another 25-30 days to have the reversal.

Some of the challenges will be things that I want to see changed in my life. The other things may not be permanent changes I will make in my life but are things that I want to ”try on” – first off it exercises my self discipline and second off I want to see if making the change affects the way I feel.

My first challenge is to go dairy free. No milk or cheese products. I am not going to include eggs in this challenge. I am not going to include items that have 1-2 Tablespoons included in the ingredients – for instance the bread I make at home has 2T butter. Today is Day 3 of this challenge – actually it should be day 7 however on Day 4 of my first run I accidentally – (really it was an accident!!) I ordered a Thai Iced Tea with our Thai food and I was about half way through it when I realized that it had milk in it! ARGH! So – I had to start over at Day 1… It has not felt difficult. I passed up whipped cream on my dessert last night, and butter on my toast this morning – these were really easy.