30 Day Challenge – No Sugar – The End

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Although the Blog post for the end of this challenge is a bit late, it is nonetheless successfully over. It ended one day prior to our vacation which explains the delay in posting.

This challenge was not difficult for me. I believe the reason that it wasn’t difficult was because I had already cut out all High Fructose Corn Syrup and many other forms of sugar from my diet. I have not been 100% sugar free (one of my downfalls is ice cream!), but have definitely minimized eating it. While on this challenge I was educated that sugar is thought to be the cause for MANY health issues. A friend of mine sent me a link that lists impacts to our health. This link can be found here.

If you needed any motivation to cut back on sugar, this list will do that for you!

This challenge was shared with a friend of mine and she saw her migraines diminish quite a bit. She is an awesome writer and you can see the blog posts of her experience here. She gave me the recipe for a great dried fruit bar as well as a couple of them to help me curb craving. I did not have any major health impacts (including weight loss). Although I did not find this challenge difficult or overly impacting; as soon as my challenge was over I made my way to the nearest DQ!!

Because I learned so much about processed white sugar I will continue to minimize this in my diet!

I welcome any comments and thoughts you might have on this challenge.

30 Day Challenge – No Sugar

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sugarThis is Day 1 of my second challenge.  My first challenge was 30 days with no dairy.  I had to start this one twice to get it right; both times breaking it – not because I couldn’t stand it, but because I didn’t THINK!  After the third start I went the 30 days fairly smoothly without too much pain and cravings.  I have decided to do 30 days with no sugar.  I had one day off between the challenges.  My hubby thought I should do more than just the one day; but I am ready to go and with the reward of homemade TRUFFLES (THANKS TERRI) which broke my no dairy challenge and set me off with some yummy sugar before starting today – I am ready to go!  So, my rules…. this will be no white sugar, no brown sugar, no cane sugar, no corn syrup (I already do no High Fructose Corn Syrup!)    I will allow agave, honey and stevia which are all natural sweeteners.  Again, if I mess up I will start my 30 days over again. 

I am not a HUGE sugar/sweets person, but I also know that there are definitely some things I enjoy; ice cream for one.  I wonder if  there are things that I may run into on this challenge that I eat that have some type of sugar that I have not thought about.  We shall see!  Stay tuned for my progress as I move along! 

One very cool thing — for this challenge, I have a partner.  My friend partnerTerri and I will work together to motivate and support each other through this challenge.  It is always fun to share and this will not only make it fun we both will have someone to call on if we need to have a shot of motivation!