30 Day Challenge – No Gluten

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My next 30 Day challenge will actually be one of two challenges I have going on at the same time. I decided to do two this month. All of my previous challenges have dealt with NOT DOING something. This one falls in line with that same challenge. I will have a diet that does not include Gluten which means NOT eating anything with gluten (wheat). My other challenge (Meditate 30 minutes daily for 30 days) will deal with DOING something every day for 30 days.

I officially started on April 6th; thus day 30 will be May 5th. No Gluten will be huge for my diet. Bread, tortillas (my mexican food!) and pasta are items that play large roles in my meals. I believe that this challenge will be my most challenging one thus far and I also expect that it may have a large impact on my health.

Would love to hear from others that have gone through the elimination of gluten from their diets!

30 Day Challenge – No Alcohol – DONE!

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March 24th marked my 30th day of No Alcohol! It was completed successfully.

Out of all my challenges thus far this year, I thought this would be the hardest. This challenge was definitely challenging but I did find it easier than I had expected it to be.  As mentioned in a prior post, my drinking habits consist of a couple glasses of wine – 5 days a week on average.  In addition to my normal lifestyle there were several extra-curricular social activities over the month that I would have normally had a drink that would have helped me feel more comfortable. Being able to go through these events without this crutch was satisfying. It was satisfying to have made it through these without drinking and dealing directly with my typical feelings of inadequacy while in these types of social settings.  (Something that I continue to work on!)

As far as health, this challenge made very little impact here.  I didn’t have any weight loss however what I did notice was that I was able to sleep much better – deeper really.

Going forward I will be cutting back my intake for two reasons. One, I do believe it is healthier for me both for my physical health but also my mental health and two, as we work to pay off our debt this will definitely help us save some on outgoing expenditures (did I ever mention that we tend to like more expensive wines?)

These challenges have been great for me on different levels.  I have felt that exercising this “will” is good for me.  I do find that I am finding some other impulse activities being easier to slow down and make real decisions around.  So, on to my next challenges!

No Alcohol Challenge

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No Alcohol – My New 30 Day Challenge

On February 23rd I started Day One of my new challenge — No Alcohol. Out of all of my challenges I think this one may be more difficult than the others. I am not a big partier, full-bottle-wine-glass-1however – I definitely like having a glass of wine. So as of today I am on Day 8 and it hasn’t been too difficult. This last weekend was the first weekend. Friday was a bit hard but after that… it was all good. It is really special that my husband is so supportive of all these challenges as well. With all of them he has either cooked without the item or has gone without as well. Just one of the millions of reasons I love him so much! My history consists of having one or two glasses a wine five days a week on average. I also enjoy a margarita with my Mexican food.

So, the new challenge is on!

30 Day Challenge – No Sugar

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sugarThis is Day 1 of my second challenge.  My first challenge was 30 days with no dairy.  I had to start this one twice to get it right; both times breaking it – not because I couldn’t stand it, but because I didn’t THINK!  After the third start I went the 30 days fairly smoothly without too much pain and cravings.  I have decided to do 30 days with no sugar.  I had one day off between the challenges.  My hubby thought I should do more than just the one day; but I am ready to go and with the reward of homemade TRUFFLES (THANKS TERRI) which broke my no dairy challenge and set me off with some yummy sugar before starting today – I am ready to go!  So, my rules…. this will be no white sugar, no brown sugar, no cane sugar, no corn syrup (I already do no High Fructose Corn Syrup!)    I will allow agave, honey and stevia which are all natural sweeteners.  Again, if I mess up I will start my 30 days over again. 

I am not a HUGE sugar/sweets person, but I also know that there are definitely some things I enjoy; ice cream for one.  I wonder if  there are things that I may run into on this challenge that I eat that have some type of sugar that I have not thought about.  We shall see!  Stay tuned for my progress as I move along! 

One very cool thing — for this challenge, I have a partner.  My friend partnerTerri and I will work together to motivate and support each other through this challenge.  It is always fun to share and this will not only make it fun we both will have someone to call on if we need to have a shot of motivation!

2010 Right From the Heart!

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Anyone out on the internet or anyone belonging to email lists is surehappynewyear to have noticed that the New Year is here.  Everyone is talking about goals, resolutions and other forms of starting out this New Year right.  We even had a “Blue Moon” this year! 

I am no different; I too have been excited and motivated around reviewing my goals and getting set for the New Year.  As I was walking with my dad on our Saturday morning walk I made a comment about how interesting it is that this one day can have such an affect on our motivation and plans.  What makes January 1st different and more unique then, lets say, March 1st or October 1st?  As we discussed this, I realized that it  IS a time where we just passed the Solstice which means our days start getting longer (we get more day light), there is a sense that winter will be moving on and Spring will be here soon.  Jim Rohn spoke of having seasons in our life, and I suppose that January is a time that represents the planning time for the spring.  We can think about the flowers and the pots and fertilizing and all of the things that will bring light and beauty to our springs and summers. 

I continue to feel impatience at times – over not getting “there” fast enough.  Where ever “there” is.  I continue to get messages on remaining patient and persevering – for instance,  I just signed up for Lolly Daskal’s Messages From Within (highly recommended) and through this I received a message talking about Beginnings.  Bottom line; we are all so wrapped up in getting “there” that we don’t realize that it is all one beginning after another.  There is no real destination but it is a journey to enjoy each day; each beginning.  She urged us to trust our intuition, trust our inner guidance and know that the actions we take each day are the right ones. 

 We get caught up in our day to day life, in the ultimate dreams and desires – often we don’t believe we are going to get there, and achieve it – that what results – is empty action.  We can be very busy and not feel that we are getting any closer to our actual goals and dreams.  There are times that I can spend hours surfing the net and end up feeling that I didn’t get anything done.  I wasn’t getting motivation, I wasn’t learning, I was just numbly reading through different things.  How much of this is our lack of self confidence kicking in and as we hear often – that our thoughts become our actions, perhaps the lack of confidence kicks in and the action is the mindless numbing activity that we can find ourselves in.  If we can learn to enjoy each day and know that we are going to achieve the things we want, trust our inner guidance and know we can learn to feel more confident and then start to take advantage of the inner thoughts and voices that tell us what step to take next perhaps the massive action that takes place will result in great beginnings. 

Medium I am excited to continue moving my life; continuing to work on my patience and enjoyment of the journey.  I want to do all that I do, Right From the Heart.  The one thing I DO know, I am not quitting!

Personal Development Journey – December 18, 2009

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pers devSince I last posted we have hit our busy time of year. My daughter’s birthday is at the beginning of the month, the schools Holiday Fair is at the beginning of the month and now Christmas is upon us. I love this time of year. My daughter turned 7 this month and we had several celebrations. Her party was held at a local recreation center with a pool and included her female classmates. We ended up with 13 wonderful, giggly, excited little girls and 3 parents (due to a limitation on people at the rec center – in hindsight… I should have broken the rule!) Although handling the girls exit from the pool was challenging the rest of the party went off well. Aliera was happy, the girls were happy and the parents seemed happy.

As far as business accomplishments this last couple week, with my time being dedicated to the fun December events there have been only a few tangible results with both the business and also at the corporate job. I am not concerned with the plateau at this time. The biggest work the last couple weeks has been mental. There is an underlying theme to what I have been working through and I can see Law of Attraction at work. As I mentioned in my 30 day challenge posts (first break, second break) as well as my  Breakthrough event in Cancun, I have ran into a realization that I am not always connected to the present. I am not IN me at all times and the result is that I make decisions without thinking and I do things without always being fully present. I wasn’t sure where I was going to go to work on this and get better around this, however I have felt confident that the Universe would deliver and it definitely has.. in a couple differesogrnt ways. First off, my audio downloads I have been listening to: Wallace D. Wattles’ Science of Getting Rich (mentioned in the last Play by Play blog post) and Eckhart Tolle’s Findhorn Retreat. And thirdly, I belong to a group that meets monthly to discuss things around what I like to call personal development “stuff” – spiritual metaphysical pursuits, etc. and because of our last meeting I am reading through Ram Dass’ Be Here Now. (By the way, you can download The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles for Free from HERE)

All three of these things are supporting each other and answering part of my needs. All three of these talk about being present and being in the NOW. They talk about doing what you do today with thoroughness and no expectation or feelings of need/desire from tomorrow.  Science of Getting Rich talks about envisioning what you want. This is also part of the Asking in Law of Attraction. I spent time on two thivision boardngs this week (as it relates to the new business) and that is continuing to study the three materials and the envisioning. I have been wanting to put together a vision board for at least a year, but have had a couple blocks with it. 1) Finding the pictures I need in the magazines I get and 2) Time to spend really looking for other magazines for the pictures to cut out and then assemble the vision board. So, I came up with the idea of the Vision JPEG.   I wrote an article on how to put this Vision JPEG together if you have any interest!

I have also outlined some 2010 goals. I have put together a list of goals and written them down and do monthly and daily work towards them. This is the first year I will have GOALS and not a resolution (although I haven’t done a resolution for years!) I put together an entire list of my goals within the last year, but didn’t start 2009 with them. With this change in my life and even prior to this there was a realization that having goals and having them written down is important and has made a huge difference in my life and what I am able to accomplish.


Some of my key 2010 goals are:
* Run a 5K by June
* Do 11 30 Day Challenges
* Finish my Goals E-book
* Go to NY for Thanksgiving
                                              * Redo our upstairs Bathroom – November