Truth, Triumph, and Transformation

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New Law of Attraction Book – Truth, Triumph, and Transformation

Author: Sandra Anne Taylor

Are you frustrated with the way things have been going for you lately? Tired of simplistic approaches to magnetism and success? The truth is, there’s more to the process than most people realize. The source of your destiny goes much deeper than just your thoughts. Other important factors, like natural cycles, shared consciousness, karma, environment, and your soul’s intention, will influence what you draw to your life.

In this enlightening book, Sandra Anne Taylor examines the many elements of destiny creation, and separates the reliable facts from the confusing fiction that has built up around the Universal Laws. She offers a unique and comprehensive understanding as to why things really happen, empowering you to triumph over difficult cycles without self-blame or fear. No matter what obstacles you may encounter, your consciousness can turn adversity into great opportunity! Let go of the lies . . . and learn the whole truth. Your life will be transformed like never before!

New Release: Life By Design

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New Release: Life By Design by: Tom Ferry

6 Steps To An Extraordinary You!

Writing this book is the culmination of 20,000 hours of coaching clients on choosing to have a life–By Design. It is full of valuable and unforgettable lessons that I wanted to share with the world. I’ve been given unprecedented insight about what kills performance or what stops people from truly living a life that they really, and I mean really, love. I believe that one of my missions in life is to touch people’s lives in a way so they can benefit from my experience and expertise on how to live their best life–By Design. The most effective way to fulfill my dream was to write this book, which will not only impact people in a positive way, but will also empower them to do the little things that create the necessary shift to make their lives extraordinary.

There is another reason I wrote this book–and this one is more personal. I am the father of two boys who I strive to be the most exceptional role model for. There have been many times in my life where I have faced massive adversity or found myself having to make some very difficult decisions. The first thought that comes to my mind in those situations is always, “if I weren’t here to finish raising these two boys, what would I want them to know so they could go on with their lives and become extraordinary men?”

Some of the most important and poignant life lessons I have learned are among the many stories I share in Life! By Design–which I consider to be a blueprint for my boys to get to where they will want to go in life. It isn’t the story of how I got to where I am so much as a treasure map meant to lead you toward achieving whatever it is you desire in your own life, whether it’s a loving, passionate relationship, a career you excel in because you actually enjoy what you’re doing for work, or having great health and vitality.

Whatever you desire, Life! By Design will help you get there. It isn’t easy and it will challenge you in ways that may make you think twice, but I promise you one thing. If you read and then apply the basic principle’s contained in the pages of my book, you will be infinitely happier and more content and you will learn to take responsibility for your life so you can go out and become the best you that you were meant to be. Are you ready for change? Are you ready to be challenged? Are you ready to live… By Design?