The Week After — Bliss!

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blissThe feeling of bliss and motivation has continued to push me through my personal development this week. After the Breakthrough Event in Cancun and having the great motivational speakers and personal breakthroughs it was time to get rolling with the Lifepath Unlimited business. This week was free from training. I made a decision to actually take some action and DO some of the things that I have been learning up to now. When setting goals this week one of them was to work on the Article work. So, I got busy writing articles.

writingI wrote three articles this week. One that I wrote was about Sean Stephenson – he was extremely motivating and seemed amazing to me in Cancun and I wanted to share what I learned from him and also help get the word of his book out there. I hope to do a review of it some time soon. Another article I wrote was about having a plan. The one thing that I have learned as I move into this business that it is so important to know what I am going to do next. I know that much time in the beginning was spent feeling a bit overwhelmed and having a plan of attack helped me so I wanted to put together some advice for others on how to make a network marketing plan . Another article I did came from an audio I had listened to that highlighted Ellie Drake and the importance of being a good coach. Her message was around being a Great Listener in order to be a great coach and ultimately a successful entrepreneur – she gave 9 tips on being a great listener and talked about how listening skills are required . In addition, I put together a checklist for myself that I need to run through after each article is written:

1. Twitter It
2. Facebook It
3. Digg It
4. Submit it to Search Engines (found here)

This may get added to as I continue on with my work. So, one of the three weekly goals I set – are DONE. The next goal I had was to start back up on doing free ads. However, after thinking about this one and some advice I had gotten while in Cancun, I changed this to work on Press Releases. The work I did here consisted of:

press release
1. Wrote two Press Releases to test the grounds
2. Found a list of 50 Press Release sites
3. Created a tracking spreadsheet to track the sites, my id, password and articles submitted
4. Visited each site to determine if the type of Press Releases I would be working with would match the site. (19 did not)
5. Signed up for an account; read their terms of service (noted sites that had expectations like 1 PR per day, etc)
6. Posted one or both of my Press Releases. (sites that were more stringent I posted only one of the two PRs)
7. Am tracking which sites accepted and which did not accept the releases.

So, second of the three weekly goals I set – are DONE. The third goal will not get done and was associated with my corporate job. With some additional time taken off of work this week, this goal didn’t get accomplished.

Even though I took time off from training literally every day offers me something new that I learn with Internet Marketing. Every article I write, every tweak of a press release I learned more and more about the marketing side of the business.

One thing that has been put in front of me this week is the subject of purchasing leads. I continue to struggle with wondering if I have chosen the correct path. There are many people at Lifepath Unlimited that are seeing success and all they are doing is purchasing leads through one form or another. Besides the funding challenge, I am working on generating my own leads because of what kind of business I want.
multstreamsI want a business that has multiple streams of income. I want a business where it can be successful because I have branded myself and to do that, I know I must become a leader and I must be able to provide value to others. In order to do that, I need to learn how this works, I need to understand what others want and need. If I don’t go through these motions I am not sure how I can provide value to people. By learning this process, going through the motions myself and branding myself I will be able to guarantee myself multiple streams of income.

By generating my own leads I also know that my target market will be on the other side of the phone when we talk. This will allow me to listen and have a higher quality conversation. This seems important to me as I work to do this Right From the Heart!

I also started a 30 day challenge this week, but I am going to write about THAT in a different post.

To close out this Blog, I wanted to say a few words about a woman that decided to depart the physical world this week. Our Grandma Helen (Aliera’s great grandma) has made her way to release from the physical binds that had, for a very long time, had her tied down – not in a happy place. I found something that I highly resonated with and will share it here:

“Love is stronger than death even though it can’t stop death from happening, but no matter how hard death tries it can’t separate people from love. It can’t take away our memories either. In the end, life is stronger than death.” Author unknown

I know she is in a better place, but she will be missed. She had three kids and has a slew of grandkids and great grandkids. RIP!

30 Day Challenge!

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30DayChallengeAfter the Lifepath Unlimited’s Breakthrough event I have decided to begin having 30 day personal development challenges for myself. I will choose the challenges for different reasons, some may be things that I want to create habits for, others may be to see how it feels after 30 days. I will state in the beginning of the challenge what the expectations of myself will be, and all the rules and guidelines I will follow.

In all of them, if I miss one day, I will start over again with Day 1, so I don’t entirely expect that every single one of these will last 30 days. I can hope though, however… I already know that for the first one (that I started 4 days ago) has already been broken and I am starting over.

My goal is to consistently work on my own personal development which leads to a balanced life and I believe that by going through this exercise I will always be looking for things that will help me reach goals and also in setting goals.


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P1003845The event of my life! (thus far!!!!) What a great few days! I have never gotten to participate in something such as what I got to experience last week. I have heard so many things about seminars and great events. I have been to many personal development seminars and this event was different. I was pushed to tears (yeah, I know… for those of you that know me, know that this is not the hardest thing to do) however… I can not express fully in words what this experience did for me. The name of the event is Breakthrough. And … “BREAKTHROUGH” is what you could say I had. This particular event had the theme “Unstoppable”.

Everything focused on how unstoppable we can be and how unstoppable we all are.

The speakers and activities were all arranged to show us we can do anything if only we put our mind to it. We heard from Sean Stephenson about how we need to get off our BUTS – and he isn’t talking about our padded behinds (necessarily!) He was referring to our excuses. He categorized our excuses into three types of excuses. The BUT excuse: but I don’t have the (fill in the blank); BUT fears: but what if I (fill in the blank); and BUT insecurities: but I’m not (fill in the blank). All different types of excuses we use to keep us from reaching our goals. Deanna Latson, who we all love, spoke about food – and living to be a centurion – the steps 1) Eat sensibly, small amounts of unrefined foods 2) Maintain strong relationships and 3) Keep your mind active. Cyntia Kersey was the next speaker and she writes books and lectures on how others have been unstoppable and how we can be unstoppable. Our next speaker (and guide for an evening event) was John Maesel – very awesome man. Very connected to the earth and FIRE.  Our next speaker was a man who definitely defined the word unstoppable: David Goggins. David spoke to us about what he has accomplished – which is really – actually – unbelievable. He as a 290 pound man who decided to start raising money for kids of fallen military personnel and he did it in a HUGE way. It was in 2005 he started (at 290 pounds) to run marathons and triathalons and other major races (he finished 5th and then 3rd in the 204 mile Badland runs) and has raised a half million dollars for the kids.

We also did things over the three day event that challenged us to move out of our comfort zones, such as breaking arrows and bending rebar with our throats. We also did The Firewalk. All of these things showed me we can do things that our minds tell us we can’t do. These things pushed me to take steps – small steps (steps that our mind tell us are impossible) – to reach a goal (breaking an arrow, bending rebar or walking across a bed of hot coals).

I love the fact that the Lifepath events welcomes kids. This is a very family oriented event. My daughter and husband were able to attend all events and some things even catered to my daughter. I love being part of something that includes what means more to me than anything – my family!



P1003853My major breakthrough for this event happened after the firewalk. I did not get across without some minor (although it did not FEEL minor the night of the event) burns. Prior to the walk we were taught that we needed to be 100% present, that we needed to know where we were, where we were going and we needed to have a plan. I found that when I walked across the coals, I left the present. After dissecting this a bit for myself I realized that I often leave the present, I lose touch with my inner self which results in me — holding me back. It keeps me from feeling comfortable in social situations, it keeps me from being able to tune into myself, which keeps me from being able to be my true authentic self. Although I have had no issues with following my intuition, I feel I am not able to call on it at will. I feel that this stems from many things in my life. I obviously chose a life to learn the lessons needed to truly break free and learn how to be myself – to find the paths that would lead me to lessons where I would be able to see the gap and then find ways to close it. At this point in time, I am not sure of my steps to take to work on this, however, possibly just realizing it may be the first steps. My work now is to find some 30 day challenges that will allow me to reach my goals which include breaking through the self image that I have created for myself!

Catching Up and Making a Change

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My last blog in this category was entered two months ago. I was writing about week two of my journey of moving from the corporate rat race to owning my own business. I have come to the conclusion that the reason why I stopped blogging on this category was due to the fact that I was writing about things that had occurred a couple weeks (or more) prior. What I have decided to do is catch up with what I have been doing and where I am today and then go forward writing about what is going on in current terms.

Although I often do not feel I have gotten that much done the small actions every day have added up. I have done the following since my Sept 3 posting:

Web page: The purpose of this site is to sell coaching, products and provide recommended reading.
Training: I have gone through training for Squidoo, landing pages, Ezine articles and writing for pull (how to put together an article)
Articles: I have posted 4 Squidoo and 1 E-Zine articles
Ads: Learned how to place free ads through several websites.
Blogging: Am posting new releases for books that others interested in personal development may find interesting as well as posting book reviews as I finish reading books.
Affiliate: Have signed up for several affiliate associations which should help monetize going forward.
Autoresponders: I have gone through training and selected the application I will use going forward.
RSS Feeds: Learned about these and got my blog set up in several trackers.
Social Networking: Use Facebook and Twitter to build relationships; created a class that can be delivered
Synergy Training: Attended Lifepath Synergy training in Arizona.
E-Book: Have started writing my E-Book on goal setting.
Target Market Work: Took time and brainstormed and narrowed down my target market
Denver Waldorf School: Am chair of a subcommittee on PR and am on the Board of Trustees. Attended several events with my daughter.
Personal Development: Fished the 56 Days to Discovery, several books and listening to several MP3s.
Corporate J.O.B.: Work a full time job that changed during this time frame, so I am learning a new area of the business. Resigned my position with Qwest Women so that I could balance my life.

So, as I review all that has gotten done in just a few months I do feel much better. This proves to myself that it really is about taking small actions toward goals.

One of the best things that I have found is the training I found through Renegade University . They have assisted by laying out a plan of attack as well as given great step by step training. They teach attraction marketing. They take you step by step from looking at and determining what your target market is and then has a plan that takes you step by step through a set of training that gets students up and running. I highly recommend this training!

I have also gone through numerous emotions in the last few months. Although there was a very high level of excitement in the very beginning as time has moved on, my level of excitement has been contained. Don’t get me wrong, I am still very excited. There are many positive feelings – more positive than negative but… there have been negative feelings.

I go in and out of feelings and thoughts of guilt. Thoughts that I am not doing enough for the business, thoughts that I am not doing enough at my corporate J.O.B. often go through my mind. At times when this happens I keep thinking about what I ultimately want. I know that I am someone that has always gone over and beyond at what I do and where I am at and I know I can’t do that at everything in my life right now. I have to let some things just be.

I know fear is a normal feeling when moving out of a comfort zone and doing something new, something unknown. I have definitely felt this as I move forward. I think there are times that my fear keeps me doing some of the right actions to get me moving closer to my goal; it is really easy to fall back into the comfort zone. Especially when I was told I would be moving to a new job within my corporate J.O.B. the fun of learning something new definitely had my mind moving away from my ultimate goal.

There has been anger at myself. Thoughts that I might have jumped into something too quickly have entered. If I would have spent some of the money on getting the business up and running then perhaps I would be further along. There has been anger at my up line due to some feelings that they have not paid me one iota of attention (after my sending them the money for signing up). The training from them was minimal – there WAS training and it WAS great to have and get. I listen to what other associates are getting and wonder why I am not getting it, I wonder if others are getting more training and included in things that I have not been. I know that my up line had given leads to others (I was one of these) – but I have not gotten that. I then popped out of this negative emotion and realized only I can make this a success. It doesn’t matter what others are getting and if I am missing out on something others are getting.

There is no room for blaming others, I need to take responsibility for my decisions and my actions. I have chosen to do this business and want to do it in such a way that I am branding ANDREA and that has taken some time. Although I could have put all the dollars I have invested into calling leads I have made a decision that this is not the way of the future of selling on the internet and it is especially not how I feel comfortable and not the way I want to sell. I want to establish relationships and give people full training and value. I want it to be Right From the Heart!

Find A Way To Say – NO MATTER WHAT!

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No Matter What…I will get out of debt; No Matter What….I will become fit and healthy; No Matter What…I will break free from the corporate J.O.B. and own my own business; No Matter What…I will start balancing my life so I can spend more time with my family. No Matter What…I will live my life doing what I love.

I was introduced to Lisa Nichols first in The Secret and then as speaker at a Lifepath Unlimited Personal Development event which drove me to pick up her book to learn more about her and how she overcame the many obstacles in her life to find the ability to be so true to herself and finding a way to do exactly what she loves. Lisa Nichols is extremely authentic in her book No Matter What! 9 Steps To Living The Life You Love She goes back to her young years of being bussed to a racially integrated school; coming back to her neighborhood school only to face the gang pressure – her experience going to College and finding that she was there to help the team but once she was hurt and couldn’t do that any longer she lost her scholarship, a molestation, having dealt with a weight challenge, raising a child she had with an individual involved in fraud, working to free herself from relationships that were unhealthy and during her early years realizing she had the ability and love of helping young teenagers break free from some of the cycles that keep them trapped in worlds that aren’t good for them and then moving into helping anyone overcome their obstacles. For one person she had so much thrown at her to overcome; perhaps it was so she could move into shoes where she can authentically and successfully help so many others avoid and work through their own obstacles.

In the book, No Matter What! 9 Steps To Living The Life You Love Lisa refers to developing certain muscles to overcome obstacles and although there may be others beyond what she refers to in the book; she describes her very personal experiences associated with the following:

1. Your Understanding Muscle
2. Your Faith-In-Myself Muscle
3. Your Take-Action Muscle
4. Your-I-Know-Like-I-Know Muscle
5. Your Honesty Muscle
6. Your Say-Yes Muscle
7. Your Determination Muscle
8. Your Forgiveness Muscle
9. Your Highest Choice Muscle

For each of these sections she provides examples how she developed the muscle and then exercises to help you strengthen your own muscles. You find you get to know her intimately through how she works through the obstacles that arose in her life which helps you apply these exercises to your own life. So many times I have read a book where they give you steps however sometimes you have a hard time breaking through your own noise to get your own answers. She helps you through this – by describing how she did it and then her exercises build on that. She opens herself up to help us!

If there is ANYTHING in your life that you feel needs to be improved whether it be health, finances or relationships I highly recommend picking up this book and working through the exercises!

Week Two – My Real Discovery Starts

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This post continues my written journey as I began seriously working on my purpose and passion.

Week Two has been packed full of stuff. I found that this week I was extremely motivated and excited about my moving from the corporate world into owning my own Lifepath Unlimited business. In my journaling this week I commented that my life is so blessed…so many things occur daily that are very positive. This week the weather was gorgeous, I spent time with my family – both my husband and daughter and also with my father. I was extremely pleased and relieved that after discussing further with my husband he was still 100% supportive of my new endeavor.

This week I also had contact with my up line representatives. I had a call every day this week. Most of the calls consisted of about 30-45 minutes and my coach would focus my attention on how I was feeling, where I was with Discovery, and some short training around something around the business. He gave me access to the training that they have put together online. The first of these meetings was longer and we went over what he referred to as a business plan. Because I come from the corporate world, I would not have called it a business plan. It was helpful; however it was more of an exercise of going through what I wanted, a reminder of what the top earners do, discussion about what goals should look like, another review of the compensation plan and then a reiteration on what and why someone should position their selves properly in the business. He then put me in touch with a marketing person who was in his up lines organization to whom I paid to get additional marketing training from. He then had me register for his four week online training program. I called and spoke to the Marketing contact – she was very friendly and giving. She was so willing to help. Everyone I speak to continues to re-confirm my commitment to making this business work.

I was told “We become who we associate with. Be conscious, look at the people you associate with and consider cutting back time spent with people that hold you back.” After some time thinking about this there is truth to this, however I feel that the way I heard it in the beginning verses the way I feel about it now is worth mentioning. When I first heard this, I heard that we may want to start cutting out people that we care about because they don’t make money. (This is because he also asked me to analyze the average salary of the five people we spend the most time with, making an assumption that we would find that our salary would be very near this average). My gut felt something deeply wrong with this. Some time went by and I heard Tony Robins talk about how we can be SO happy and satisfied about where we are in our life that even though we want to do more, have more and be more – we tend to not follow through on our dreams because we don’t have things around us that give us that motivation. By being around people that are already successful we then, by default, end up positioning ourselves so we feel our backs against the wall. We will then – clearly have something we want; we will see something that we want. By being around people that have what we want, we become more driven in our goals. We believe it to be possible. Since we need to believe (REALLY believe) in order to be more then it is important that we not get stuck in our comfort zones. So, if we are conscious about whom we associate with and associate with others that happens to be in a place where we want to be we will naturally find ourselves more motivated to act. This does not mean we give up people we love. So although the way this was originally said did not resonate with me; the impetus behind it is to get us to a place where we are motivated to keep moving.

Personal Development this week was great. I heard so many quotes that I just loved. Some of them follow:

* Be in the now; focus on the fun and truth
* Live in the moment and know that you are in control
* Life unfolds in the present
* We squander our precious time by not being in the present
* We fret about what needs to be done; we let our thoughts control us; ordinary thoughts course through our mind like a waterfall.. step away from the current and just be. This is where you get true to yourself.
* Intentional attention on the present moment. Be with your thoughts. Awaken to the experience of living your life.
* 1. Stop thinking about improving your performance 2. Savor the present 3. Focus on the present 4. Make the most of your time by losing track of it.
* The very moment is our best teacher.
* Know that you don’t already know; Embrace the unexpected.
* Apply principles every day; consistency is a by-product of focus.
* A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, he is only braver five minutes longer (Ralph W. Emerson)

One of the biggest things I started to learn this week was the training around what is referred to as Natural Selling. Because I have never considered myself a sales person taking the step to Direct Sales seemed a bit at odds with who I have been. (By moving in this direction I am hugely out of my comfort zone). This training has been great. It introduces a method of selling that I had never heard of. It uses the power of dialog, detaching from the outcome, and a model of conversation that allows the individuals you are speaking to know you care and for them to open up and reveal whether they even need what you have to offer them. It allows you to qualify them without the fear and pain of rejection. Very nice to learn that selling can be about being of service to others!

The major difficulty for me this week surrounded my guilty feelings around how I felt about my J.O.B. I have always been the individual to work hard and go over and beyond in what I do. As mentioned in another blog, I am President of our Diversity group and this is keeping me busy and is actually becoming the main thing I spend my time at while at work. My guilt stems from this focused time and lack of time on the job that I am actually getting paid for. I have also had difficulty with the financial side of things. I have wanted to raise funds to become positioned in the best way possible, however for the time being I may have to compromise until sometime in the near future.

So, this week, I worked with and through my goals, I made firm decisions on starting this business (started actually paying money for things). I was able to secure funds for a large part of the positioning and expense part of running this business and am looking into other ways to raise additional funds to position the way I want to, I signed up for the four week training given by my up line coaches, I paid for additional marketing training, I had conversations with my family and friends about what I was doing and was able to do so from a place of certainty. I wrote how I would not let anything get in my way; how I trusted that everything would fall into place; wrote about building a successful team; how I always be able to do that, how I always attract great people; I wrote that the universe was on my side. Wrote how I would find a way to do this; wrote how I am amazing at solving challenges and that this was not different. This week there was also a bright light on recognition that this is taking A LOT of work. Not that I thought it would be a cake walk, but this is a decision that one should not take lightly and be ready to need support of your community or a team that will be there to cheer you on your way. If you find you don’t have it, you must create it yourself!