2010 Right From the Heart!

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Anyone out on the internet or anyone belonging to email lists is surehappynewyear to have noticed that the New Year is here.  Everyone is talking about goals, resolutions and other forms of starting out this New Year right.  We even had a “Blue Moon” this year! 

I am no different; I too have been excited and motivated around reviewing my goals and getting set for the New Year.  As I was walking with my dad on our Saturday morning walk I made a comment about how interesting it is that this one day can have such an affect on our motivation and plans.  What makes January 1st different and more unique then, lets say, March 1st or October 1st?  As we discussed this, I realized that it  IS a time where we just passed the Solstice which means our days start getting longer (we get more day light), there is a sense that winter will be moving on and Spring will be here soon.  Jim Rohn spoke of having seasons in our life, and I suppose that January is a time that represents the planning time for the spring.  We can think about the flowers and the pots and fertilizing and all of the things that will bring light and beauty to our springs and summers. 

I continue to feel impatience at times – over not getting “there” fast enough.  Where ever “there” is.  I continue to get messages on remaining patient and persevering – for instance,  I just signed up for Lolly Daskal’s Messages From Within (highly recommended) and through this I received a message talking about Beginnings.  Bottom line; we are all so wrapped up in getting “there” that we don’t realize that it is all one beginning after another.  There is no real destination but it is a journey to enjoy each day; each beginning.  She urged us to trust our intuition, trust our inner guidance and know that the actions we take each day are the right ones. 

 We get caught up in our day to day life, in the ultimate dreams and desires – often we don’t believe we are going to get there, and achieve it – that what results – is empty action.  We can be very busy and not feel that we are getting any closer to our actual goals and dreams.  There are times that I can spend hours surfing the net and end up feeling that I didn’t get anything done.  I wasn’t getting motivation, I wasn’t learning, I was just numbly reading through different things.  How much of this is our lack of self confidence kicking in and as we hear often – that our thoughts become our actions, perhaps the lack of confidence kicks in and the action is the mindless numbing activity that we can find ourselves in.  If we can learn to enjoy each day and know that we are going to achieve the things we want, trust our inner guidance and know we can learn to feel more confident and then start to take advantage of the inner thoughts and voices that tell us what step to take next perhaps the massive action that takes place will result in great beginnings. 

Medium I am excited to continue moving my life; continuing to work on my patience and enjoyment of the journey.  I want to do all that I do, Right From the Heart.  The one thing I DO know, I am not quitting!