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Yes, it has been 10 months, but — I AM BACK! 

I work for a company that was purchased, it has been called a merger, but we were bought.  The integration and my new job began officially in April of this year; however the work and interviews and the unknowns all began October/November of 2010.  It has turned my life quite upside down.  My regular exercising, my healthier (although not perfect) eating habits, my personal development study, my fairly balanced life — went crazy, upside down!  My new job in this merging company has meant travel, a new boss – who is actually a former boss (who luckily is AWESOME), a new team, and an entirely unclear and unknown, chaotic world.  I have spent time on  projects which have ran into brick walls of political spiderwebs. I have started projects only to find others are also doing the same thing.  I have been given lead on projects that confusingly get pulled.  Bottom line — totally and completely upside down.

I have missed my husband and daughter – a lot!  The toughest part has been the travel and the time required for work pulling me away from home.   Several missed events at school; missed pick ups.  All of this is so extremely difficult.   My husband has been unbelievably supportable through all of this.  He helps ground me; knowing I have them always, to come home to, to depend on; helps me make it through all the craziness.

In the last week, I have realized that my new job is giving me something new, something I haven’t necessarily had before.  I am managing other managers.  Usually I have managed mostly individual contributors.  This is new for me, and as I realized, is giving me an opportunity to really do something that I love.  I can work and strive to be an influence for people who are responsible for managing teams of people.  Our company is going through very tough times; it requires strong leadership skills, new leadership skills.  I really am getting to pursue my passion.  Helping others and teams be successful, strong, balanced teams.  I certainly am in a place that will make this not only necessary — but also hugely challenging.

It’s Time

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I ran into this as I was reading comments from one of Darren Hardy’s video blogs.  I thought it was great and wanted to share it with others!

“It’s Time.”

I once asked an old man to say something wise,
and the words that unfolded – were a welcome surprise.
He started by saying, “Tell me, son – What is it you seek?”
“Success in hurry,” I blurted, “because my future looks bleak!”
“Times are tough.” I continued, with a little regret.
Because what he said next, I will never forget.

“If quick success is what you seek to find,
it’s already been found – and it’s a matter of time.
You say ‘times are tough’ – and now look at this clock.
There’s more to these hands than the tick and the tock.
You see only one hand in motion, but I can see all three.
It’s the way all things work, just take it from me.

The ‘Seconds’ hand moves fast, so it’s easy to spot;
Soon you’ll recognize it’s the seed, to plant in your plot.
Most see ‘small’ as insignificant, but I know it’s the start;
for your very life lives with the small beats of your heart.
If those never started, or continued – Then where would you be?
Nothing’s insignificant, you see – because seeds become trees.
Your seeds are the small actions that you must eagerly take;
the seconds sprout into minutes – the right time to cultivate.

Keep on moving here, because it takes time and vital care;
we all know who won the race of the Tortoise and Hare.
It wasn’t because the Tortoise was slow that he won the race,
he proved, ‘steady’ fares better than any back-breaking pace.
Minutes are the well-formed habits that add-up to become Hours,
just like seeds become buds, and then those become flowers.

This is a tough time for many – in fact, most will quit.
See, our culture has taught that good results must always come quick.
‘If you’re doing it right – you’ll see results right away.’
But, that’s not the way things work – I’m sorry to say.
Cultivation comes before the harvest – It has always been this way!

As the Seconds become Minutes, soon the Hours will begin to pass.
You’re on the track to success, just check your looking glass.
Your looking glass is in your mind’s eye – and only you can see it there,
Look there for your results, or else you’ll begin to look elsewhere.
Consistency with a purpose is what you are after,
and vision for outcomes is what you will master.
The fruit of the harvest, has arrived in your mind,
taste it, and feel it – it’s the best of it’s kind.
Hours and fruit, you’ll have all you need,
Minutes of nourishment, and Seconds of seed.

Although success can’t be hurried, it can be assured.
Don’t be like the others – who’s vision got blurred.
The key to getting started, is to start right away.
Don’t be like the rest – getting started ‘someday’.
Someday never comes, I can say without doubt.
See the tears in my eyes? My time has run out.

Success is not a secret: You have all you need!
It’s your time to get started: Now you are my seed!
You’ve asked for success, and now have the keys in mind,
it’s not about talent, luck, or even hard work – you’ll find;
Success is just a series of simple small steps, repeated in time.”

~ By Tobias Sedillos

Crush It – A Review

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Crush It – Gary Vaynerchuk

Ever since I saw one of Gary’s video’s and heard him on one of the Success Magazine CDs; I had wanted to read his book: Crush It

Although it doesn’t make my tip top favorites, I did enjoy it. I enjoyed it because I love reading about others who are living their passions and Gary is definitely doing that. Not only is he doing it, this is one of his rules.   I also admire those that are living authentically and he isn’t out to impress anyone and he walks his talk.   He is an early social media adopter and when he doesn’t talk about the three rules he is talking about how to use social media to your advantage. 

Gary starts out by talking about passion and how it is everything; he mentions his three rules and advises that everyone adopt them: 

  1. Love your family.
  2. Work super hard.
  3. Live your passion.

He explains that he measures success by how happy he is not how big his business is or how much money he has.  He said by following these three rules he is 100% happy. Loving your family and working super hard doesn’t take special skills or knowledge, these two rules are about just doing.  As you move into the third rule, this is where many people need the direction. 

Identify and Test Your Passion

This is about recognizing things that you love and because you love it you know tons about it.  Find this thing.  Find your passion.  Then test it.  Can you think of many topics to write or talk about?  Are you double sure that what you think is your passion is your passion?  [His book doesn’t clearly help here – but there are other ways to work through this!]  Lastly ensure that you know about your passion, that you are an expert on it. 


Find your brand.  Your name or some other nifty, catchy phrase.  He advises that even if you use a catchy phrase, brand yourself (your name) as well. After you have determined this then you need to ensure that you start assigning this to social media sites, domain names, blogs, etc. Anything that you can think of; make sure you sign on and grab your name.

Social Media

Start getting involved in social media.  Use Facebook Connect, Facebook and Twitter.  Use tools that allow you to post to these sites like ping.fm or TubeMogul.

Start Communicating

Create your content. Write, blog, shoot video, make podcasts – whatever you feel you can do well, start doing it. Get a blog – he recommends WordPress or Tumblr.  The one place he recommends you spend some money is on the design of your website.  Everything else he talks about is very inexpensive and he says that the reason for spending money on the design of your website is due to ensuring that the first impression people get is a good one. 

Make Friends – Make Community

Search for and find like minded people, people talking about your passion.  Create a community – offer your expertise, share your knowledge and make friends with other that share your passion and those that are looking for answers.

I think that this was a good book and would like to have all the folks that are out there “spamming” others with posts about themselves and their businesses take some time and read how social media should really be done.

Have you read it? What did you think?

Designing The Next 10 Years

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designIt has been a couple weeks since my last post and SO much is going on.  This post will center on a great program I started offered through Darren Hardy’s Success.com site. So far it has been two weeks of self analysis.  (It is an 8 week program and you can sign up to get the exercises (during the 8 weeks) – Click here to sign up)

The program started out by having me review the last 10 years, looking at my milestones,  risks and regrets.  It is amazing what has happened in the last 10 years.  I have had a beautiful daughter; we have moved from New York City to Denver, purchased our first home, I have held a Director position, was laid off; started over in a technical support role after 9 months of unemployment, was promoted to a manager within 2 years and as I worked to move my way up the ladder I held leadership roles in the women’s diversity group and… started my own company.   Just think  – if all this happened in 10 years without goals; what can happen in 10 years with goals!

The next part had questions and blanks to fill in about what I am grateful for.  The next tasks were a look at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; there was an exercise to look at how balanced (or like I learned from James Ray – harmonized) my life is.  Each category had several questions and I rated each question ipacmann each category; added up each category and then the total was graphed.  My graphed out answers made a PacMan.  This tells me I have done a really great job harmonizing my life in all categories but one – Financial.  James Ray, in his book Harmonic Wealth (Click here for a review of the book), teaches how balance is bogus; harmony should be the goal.  It is like music, at one moment all instruments may be playing together and the next the drums will stop; and then… the drums start back up.  This is our goal in life – to have all the areas of our life playing in harmony and be ok when one area isn’t playing at full level.  This exercise showed me I do need to focus some time on the financial part of my life.  Thus as I work through this eight week program I will be adding some financial goals to what I had already put together for this years goals. 

One final task was to send some questions to 3 people that are close to me.  There were three questions they were to answer.  1)  What skill or attribute gives me an advantage in life? 2) What one thing could help me better succeed with people and in life? 3) What behaviors, lack of discipline or attitudes do you think hold me back?  As of now I have not gotten back all the responses; however what I have gotten back has led me to some major self talk, analysis and time in thought. 

One response was that I do not thoroughly look at all sides of an issue prior to taking an opinion.  

My initial surface thoughts

  • this came from an individual that I avoid conflict with
  • the conversations referred to; happened over email

As I worked through this, my major objective was to see how I can benefit (and not point fingers or get defensive) from this feedback.  The conclusions I have come to are:

  1. My avoidance of conflict and speaking my own mind and opinion is something that I want to be better with.
  2. Past child hood pains (fear of the withdrawal of love when not meeting others expectations) is something I need to acknowledge and resolve as best I can.  Love myself!
  3. Improving my communication skills; being able to describe my authentic feelings and thoughts in such a way that do not come across defensively.

 The other response that I struggled with, and still am in many ways, was that I have rose colored glasses and that by being too Pollyanna others will not take me seriously… and also that I am doing “too much”; That I am trying to be super woman and that if I do this I will not be able to do things well.

 I have, myself, considered that I might be trying to do too much.  However, when I look at how my life is coming together right now; how some things I have been doing have led to ideas, to people and to other paths that have opened up new avenues – I think that my life – as busy as it is – is just perfect.  The things that I value the most; my family and personal growth are not being impacted.  My work/play takes place during the normal work day and early in the morning.  I am picking up my daughter almost every day from school and from this moment until we go to sleep is family time.  We have dinner together; we play games and enjoy each others company.  During the few times the TV goes on, I will pick up my computer but outside of that – work/play is placed to the side while we are all together.  My physical exercise is also something that I will not allow to be impacted by the tasks I am involved in.  Everything else – is getting done.  I have prioritized them and there are a couple of things towards the very bottom of the list that are not getting done as well as they could, however it is a very conscious decision.   I feel that what is happening here is that I am starting to do things that many others see as risky and that they don’t understand.  As I was contemplating this, I read a blog post from T Harv Eker; and in that post was the following message:

“… at some point we’ve got to tell the ego that it’s okay to step into the unknown and dare to be different. Think of all the people throughout history that, if they hadn’t stepped “outside the lines,” we’d have never evolved as quickly as we did. We’d still think the world was flat, or that the universe revolves around us, or that “normal” people couldn’t do amazing things.

When you stop playing it safe, your spirit is free to grow, expand and create.  Individual, family and social “rules” don’t apply.

It takes guts to be different; to stand out from the crowd; to break free from the “clone drone” society and be a true individual.

When others criticize you for doing something “different” it’s usually because they’re scared. Inside, they’re secretly stoked that you’re breaking free. They’re just frustrated with themselves for lacking the courage to do the same. Be their inspiration!”

As is usual, something comes to me and I see it as an answer to my contemplation and this was the answer for me on the “doing too much” comment.  I am going to continue doing the amount of things I am doing as long as this does not conflict with my values, I am good.  As far as the Pollyanna comment?  The mind is still contemplating this one!  Would love to hear your comments – Do you think that people that are optimists and “too nice” are people that don’t get taken seriously?

End of Week One – My Discovery Starts

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This post continues my written journey as I began seriously working on my purpose and passion.

It is Saturday, Day 7 of my journey and this ends week one. In one weeks time I have moved from focusing on moving up the corporate ladder and arranging my life and daily activity so that I was meeting the right people and doing the right things within the corporate world to deciding to start my own business. Wow – huge difference and this is a huge step for me. I am 100% certain about this decision and this move not because there is guaranteed returns; not because of promises but because it feels right. Starting my own business, I know with every ounce of who I am, is the path that I am to take in order to live the life of following my dreams. I am passionate about personal development and I love helping others become all that they can be, helping them improve their lives and themselves. I love being in a community of people that enjoy the challenge of becoming more of who we can become. I have found this with this new venture and am thrilled to be associated with them.

I have FINALLY received the long awaited Discovery package from Lifepath Unlimited and am so excited to get started. I opened it up and was immediately impressed with the packaging. It was very well done. The CDs and the DVD and journal all come well packed in a lovely package. (As time goes on I find out that they are extremely into the details!) I watch the movie: The Awakening. It is so inspiring! It is very like the movie The Secret but where The Secret tells everyone there is a secret and they can create their own life; The Awakening tells you HOW to begin doing it. I also started listening to the first CD (out of a set of 8). The following are some of my favorite quotes directly from this first CD which is basically about Law of Attraction and Allowing.

You are both the teacher and the seeker.
When you are inspired by some great purpose – you find yourself in a new and wonderful world.
Your passions are like breadcrumbs leading you to your destiny.
Do what makes you come alive.
Purpose and passion are the most important ingredients to accomplishing your dreams.
Let other’s resistance feed your desire and motivation.
Sometimes to listen to your intuition you must lose your mind.
Why are Mondays usually worse than Friday? Because that is the vibration we put out there.
Step 1 – Identify your desire; Step 2 – Get clear on what you desire most passionately; Step 3 – Give your desire attention
Keep your attention on that which you choose to create
Avoid the words DON’T, NOT, and NO
Celebrate the matches. Keep a log or journal of things that you are attracting.

One thing that I noticed is that as I consciously realized I was deciding to take this path because of my passion the universe started aligning with those thoughts and I started hearing all kinds of things around passion and purpose. Over the past years, I have had a difficult time getting in touch with ME and determining what my passions were. I had a difficult time deciphering between passion, purpose, vision and goals. I had several different teachers help with my process of REALLY understanding what these words meant and it has taken me months to put together. Some of the key teachers were; Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, and Gary Ryan Blair (The Goals Guy). I would get confused when I would hear someone teach something that conflicted with something else I had heard. I might be the only one with this problem. (Maybe it is because part of me looks at things so analytically and I often try to make things black and white to spite the knowledge that everything is gray!) The following is what I have put together to help me with defining MY passion, purpose, vision and goals.

Passion: Passion is the things that you absolutely love to do. Your passion makes you fly out of bed in the morning. What special gifts and talents do you have? Often, not always, what you are good at are things that you also love.

Purpose: Your purpose is the reason you are here. Your purpose is to do what you are passionate about. Your purpose in this life is to do what you love. If you have difficulty determining this then you will probably not be as happy as you can be. You won’t get be able to get into the rhythm of life. Your purpose wakes you up before the alarm clock; you are excited to get involved with your purpose. Purpose leads to a vision.

Vision: This is what you are doing with your life. This comes after you have got the right purpose. This is the strategy. This is the total journey you are taking. You’re your vision is clear, you can start setting goals.

Dreams: These are the list of things you desire. Releasing weight, having all your bills paid off, owning your own business, traveling to Greece. All of those are dreams.

Goals: Goals are step by step actions that help you realize your vision and dreams.

I am passionate about my family, developing myself and others. My purpose is to create a life where I am growing, spending quality time with my family and working with personal development daily. My vision entails learning how to market on the internet and how to attract people who are looking for the same thing I have found. I have so many dreams – they have all been written down. I found a great method on managing my day to day steps to reaching my goals which I will share with everyone soon.

This week marks the first week of a huge change for my life and I feel honored that you are sharing the challenges, joy and excitement with me! Next week I start my 56 Days to Discovery program and continue getting my business up and running.