Starting Over – So Much Can Change

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Life has had many changes for me.  As I looked at how to work on finding the balance and joy from life as I have hit many bumps in the road emotionally; I knew I wanted to start up blogging again.  What I contemplated was whether to start completely over or to continue here.  As I look at my old (WAY old by the way!) posts I believe that the story this blog shows is telling.

I have been one that wants true authenticity. If I started blogging somewhere else in more of a hidden manner that goes against what my heart believes.  Is it scary?  It really, truly is… Very Scary.

My biggest change; my husband and I separated and then divorced after being together for 19 years.  That is a long time to be with someone.  This was final in September of 2014.  The year up to and including this period of time has been very much a roller coaster ride.

Now it is time to create the life that I want.  This life includes my beautiful daughter and working to ensure she has stability and feels nothing but love.  This life includes my work, the career of being a leader in the chaotic corporate world and leading others to find balance and joy amidst that environment.  This life also includes ME.  I have often put ME, last.   As I did this, I found myself in situations that I stayed in without thoroughly thinking through.

Welcome to 2014 — Time for renewal – for clear intentions and lots and lots of joy and love!

3 Ways To Improve Your Life

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Everyone has challenges.
Everyone has problems.
Everyone has road blocks.
Everyone has conflict.
Everyone experiences a rocky road from time to time.

Not everyone works on making their life better.
Not everyone decides to own their part of their problems.

Everyone that decides to own their part of their problems makes their life better.

There are millions of ways to make improve your life, but here are 3 actions you can take that steps towards making your life better.

Taking ownership or accountability for your problems.

It is only when you look at things in your life and decide to change yourself and the things that you control that things can take a turn. You can’t change other people – you can only change yourself. Give up all excuses; give up blaming and complaining.

Looking for the root cause/core issues.

It is likely that a cause of the problems in your life have to do with resentment, fear, criticism or guilt. By looking at the problems you have in your life you can start to uncover the core issues. This is a bit easier said than done. Looking at ourselves and trying to see through our limiting beliefs is much harder than judging others experiences. Start by noticing themes. Do you always meet people that do X to you? Is Y always happening? Once you find a theme; look to see how you feel about the transgression. Think back to being a kid – did you ever have this same feeling?  Once you can start pinpointing the core issues you can start working on the healing.

Choosing to be positive.

Choosing to be positive does not mean you ignore reality; it doesn’t mean you don’t work at fixing things that are not right. What it does mean is that you realize that there isn’t anything that you can do about something that has already happened except for change the way you look at it right NOW. Look for the positives in what happened and look for the ways to try and heal yourself. Many times this starts with forgiveness.

What are your feelings on these steps?  There are many things that one can do, but we all need a place to start… how about with these 3 ways to improve your life?