The Gift of Love – A New Release

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By: Jeffrey David Ringold

The Gift of Love is a groundbreaking work that explores the liberating power of love in the face of life’s inevitable challenges. In addition to themes of optimal self-care and life balance, The Gift of Love tackles controversial issues related to political and religious dogma, and the power of compassionate action.


“A powerful guide for anyone who wants their life to be an expression of the awakened heart and mind.”  Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance

“When I first read Living Joy, I found it full of insights and stories that woke me up and gave me one “aha” after another. The second time I read it, the same thing happened. How do I live a more loving life – not just a bunch of bumper sticker wisdom, but how do I really, actually live it? This book is a good coach.”  Frank Andrews, PhD, author of The Art and Practice of Loving.