When You Just Can’t Wake Up

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This last week has been a great week.  I keep learning more and more and the things that I am learning seem to be fitting together like pieces of a puzzle.  Last post talked about ways to work on the limiting beliefs we have.  I met with a new friend and she talked about how the affirmation and subliminal stuff is something that she never got into.  I really respect that, her life has been amazing, she has lived in other countries, gotten awesome jobs that she might not have; all without the tools that I work with.  For some, the techniques of having a vision, and knowing it will evolve, come naturally and easy.  For others, the feelings of inadequacy and impatience often get in our way. 

There are some other things that I want to share with you on how to change our limiting beliefs and the habits we have created.  This idea moves away from creating new pathways in your brain however I am using it with these tools and techniques.  (If you haven’t read this post, you can find it here.)

This particular tool deals with our pain and pleasure.  We all operate in our lives by looking for pleasure and avoiding pain.  The problem is, we strive for the pleasure or avoidance of pain in the short term results rather than the long term. We will tend to do something that gives us short term pleasure and get pain in the long run.  For instance, I have been having difficulty getting myself out of bed early in the morning.  Why?  Because the short term pleasure (staying in a warm bed) is more important than the long term pain of all the things that don’t get done because I am choosing to go for the short time pleasure.  The following are the steps to take to work through changing a habit that you have.

  1. Ask:  what is the pain associated with this action that keeps me from taking it?
  2. Ask:  what are all the pleasures received by not following through?
  3. Ask:  what is the cost of not taking the steps; in the next 2-5 years?
  4. Ask:  what will be gained by taking the action right now?

So, using my problem of getting up:

  1. The pain associated with getting up is the getting out of a warm bed, feeling tired and finding the pain of waking keeping me hitting the snooze.
  2. The pleasure is that I get to stay in bed all warm and cuddly and I get more sleep which feels so great!
  3. The cost is that I am not getting in to work when I want to, I am often not getting the walks in that I love, I am not getting in my reading time, or my journaling time, or my meditation.  I am not getting the action steps done that I know I must do in order to have the successful business I want.
  4. If I woke up early (when I set my alarm) I would get my walks and meditation done which give me more energy for the day, I would get some of my self improvement things done (reading, journaling) which are helping propel me down the path I am determined to walk down and I would get the things done for my business which will take me closer to my dreams.

So, looking at it like this, my goodness, it is totally obvious what I really want to do, what I must do.  Even if this seems to convince you, there is another step.  The next thing to do is get very solid on why it is you want to make the change.  Write 10 reasons why you want to change the habit, or take the action.  Get very solid and clear. 

By getting clear in our minds why we want to do it and then combine it with some of the tools and techniques talked about in a previous blog, the changed habit will occur soon because you know it must.

As usual I welcome your thoughts and suggestions!

End of Week One – My Discovery Starts

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This post continues my written journey as I began seriously working on my purpose and passion.

It is Saturday, Day 7 of my journey and this ends week one. In one weeks time I have moved from focusing on moving up the corporate ladder and arranging my life and daily activity so that I was meeting the right people and doing the right things within the corporate world to deciding to start my own business. Wow – huge difference and this is a huge step for me. I am 100% certain about this decision and this move not because there is guaranteed returns; not because of promises but because it feels right. Starting my own business, I know with every ounce of who I am, is the path that I am to take in order to live the life of following my dreams. I am passionate about personal development and I love helping others become all that they can be, helping them improve their lives and themselves. I love being in a community of people that enjoy the challenge of becoming more of who we can become. I have found this with this new venture and am thrilled to be associated with them.

I have FINALLY received the long awaited Discovery package from Lifepath Unlimited and am so excited to get started. I opened it up and was immediately impressed with the packaging. It was very well done. The CDs and the DVD and journal all come well packed in a lovely package. (As time goes on I find out that they are extremely into the details!) I watch the movie: The Awakening. It is so inspiring! It is very like the movie The Secret but where The Secret tells everyone there is a secret and they can create their own life; The Awakening tells you HOW to begin doing it. I also started listening to the first CD (out of a set of 8). The following are some of my favorite quotes directly from this first CD which is basically about Law of Attraction and Allowing.

You are both the teacher and the seeker.
When you are inspired by some great purpose – you find yourself in a new and wonderful world.
Your passions are like breadcrumbs leading you to your destiny.
Do what makes you come alive.
Purpose and passion are the most important ingredients to accomplishing your dreams.
Let other’s resistance feed your desire and motivation.
Sometimes to listen to your intuition you must lose your mind.
Why are Mondays usually worse than Friday? Because that is the vibration we put out there.
Step 1 – Identify your desire; Step 2 – Get clear on what you desire most passionately; Step 3 – Give your desire attention
Keep your attention on that which you choose to create
Avoid the words DON’T, NOT, and NO
Celebrate the matches. Keep a log or journal of things that you are attracting.

One thing that I noticed is that as I consciously realized I was deciding to take this path because of my passion the universe started aligning with those thoughts and I started hearing all kinds of things around passion and purpose. Over the past years, I have had a difficult time getting in touch with ME and determining what my passions were. I had a difficult time deciphering between passion, purpose, vision and goals. I had several different teachers help with my process of REALLY understanding what these words meant and it has taken me months to put together. Some of the key teachers were; Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, and Gary Ryan Blair (The Goals Guy). I would get confused when I would hear someone teach something that conflicted with something else I had heard. I might be the only one with this problem. (Maybe it is because part of me looks at things so analytically and I often try to make things black and white to spite the knowledge that everything is gray!) The following is what I have put together to help me with defining MY passion, purpose, vision and goals.

Passion: Passion is the things that you absolutely love to do. Your passion makes you fly out of bed in the morning. What special gifts and talents do you have? Often, not always, what you are good at are things that you also love.

Purpose: Your purpose is the reason you are here. Your purpose is to do what you are passionate about. Your purpose in this life is to do what you love. If you have difficulty determining this then you will probably not be as happy as you can be. You won’t get be able to get into the rhythm of life. Your purpose wakes you up before the alarm clock; you are excited to get involved with your purpose. Purpose leads to a vision.

Vision: This is what you are doing with your life. This comes after you have got the right purpose. This is the strategy. This is the total journey you are taking. You’re your vision is clear, you can start setting goals.

Dreams: These are the list of things you desire. Releasing weight, having all your bills paid off, owning your own business, traveling to Greece. All of those are dreams.

Goals: Goals are step by step actions that help you realize your vision and dreams.

I am passionate about my family, developing myself and others. My purpose is to create a life where I am growing, spending quality time with my family and working with personal development daily. My vision entails learning how to market on the internet and how to attract people who are looking for the same thing I have found. I have so many dreams – they have all been written down. I found a great method on managing my day to day steps to reaching my goals which I will share with everyone soon.

This week marks the first week of a huge change for my life and I feel honored that you are sharing the challenges, joy and excitement with me! Next week I start my 56 Days to Discovery program and continue getting my business up and running.